Unknown Artists (luganda) - N'GALI SASSASALIZA lyrics request

  • आर्टिस्ट: Unknown Artists (luganda)
  • भाषा: लुगांडा

IMPORTANT: whether using the YouTube app or going on YouTube via a browser after clicking or copying and pasting the YouTube link, to get right to the requested song, you must go to 16 minutes into first half of the album, at time index
by sliding the playback control to that spot.
The song ends at 18:25

After transcription,

I request the spoken words and sung lyrics translated into English for their meanings,
also the transliteration of the Luganda spoken words and lyrics into English/Roman characters to help English language singers.

If this helps, I obtained the sung lyrics with a slightly different spelling of the Title name Only, which is also part of the repeated chorus.

N'gâali sabasaliza
N'gâali sabasaliza abaana mwelolere.

I wish I had the obtained the children's spoken words that are repeated between chorus.

This 1958 recording of the song title bears little resemblance to recent recordings of the same title, so don't bother with them. I prefer these old field recordings of the traditional music over modern studio production. I love the traditional sounds before electric instruments overshadowed the original instruments.

I thank the person or people involved in helping with the transcription, translation, and transliteration.

I've loved this piece since I was 4 years old, and 61 years later, I still sing and speak our approximation of the Luganda lyrics with my cousins as I play the piano accompaniment. It's been a family tradition since 1959...but I vowed eventually we're going to learn how to sing and speak the content correctly, and finally know what the words mean. All I know is it a celebration of Uganda's national bird, the crested crane, which shouts aloud one of it's calls that sounds like "N'gâali.

Again, thanks in advance. Bulungi...

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