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For sure I'll forget

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I don't care if moon reflected on sea
I don't care if flowers blossomed, a new day set
My pain, my love, what are those to you?
I don't want you to come
I don't care if someone else holds your hands
I don't care if strangers stare into your eyes
My pain, my love, what's are those to you?
I don't want you to come
For sure I'll forget
Think I will come back
You're over for me now
Give your responsibilities of acts to God
I don't know which day is this
...without you?
Whereas I loved you always, but you couldn't see
It's not important who is right or not anymore
I recaled your named days and nights, but you couldn't hear
Your eyes became blind and tongue became mute
You didn't deserve my love...
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Unuturum Elbet