the weakest go to the wall

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Meanings of "the weakest go to the ..."


In any conflict, struggle or dispute, the weakest party shall always lose, be defeated, fail, or be ruined. The weaker and less influential are likely to take the first hit / suffer the most.

"You have to be aggressive and self-assertive to survive in this industry, remember, the weakest go to the wall."

"I will try my best to give the last measure of devotion because I know the weakest go to the wall, but the most important is that I love this career."

"Don't be a fool, it's no use, the strong always succeeds and the weakest go to the wall."

*Origins: Refers to a hard-pressed fighter who retreats from a battle or fight until he finds himself trapped with his back against a wall, thus unable to escape. |
Another explanation is that it refers to medieval chapels in which healthy people used to stand in the middle, but which had seats around the walls for the weaker, namely, women, small children, the old or the sick. |
Or even because one's physical frailty was such that one was pushed aside by the crush in the middle of the street, which was generally considered the most agreeable place to walk.

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