The Wizard of Oz (OST) [1939] - The Jitterbug (deleted song)


The Jitterbug (deleted song)

DOROTHY: Did you just hear what I just heard?
LION: That noise don't come from an ordinary bird
DOROTHY: It may be just a cricket, or a critter in the trees
TIN MAN: It's giving me the jitters in the joints around my knees
LION: I think I see a shadow, and he's fuzzy and he's furry
SCARECROW: I haven't got a brain but I think I ought to worry
TIN MAN: I haven't got a heart, but I feel a palpitation
LION: As Monarch of the forest, I don't like this sitchy-ation
DOROTHY: Are you gonna stand around and let him fill us full of horror?
LION: I'd like to roar him down... but I think I lost my roarer
TIN MAN: It's a whozis
SCARECROW: It's a whosis?
LION: It's a whatzis
SCARECROW: It's a whatzis?
TIN MAN: Whozat?
LION: Whozat?
DOROTHY (singing chorus):
Who's that hiding
In the tree top?
It's that rascal
The Jitterbug
Should you catch him
Buzzin' round you
Keep away from
The Jitterbug
Oh, the bats and the bees
And the breeze in the trees
Have a terrible, horrible buzz
But the bats and the bees
And the breeze in the trees
Couldn't do what the Jitterbug does
So be careful
Of that rascal
Keep away from
The Jitterbug!
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"The Jitterbug" was a song sung by Dorothy, together with the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion, that was cut from the soundtrack of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. It was both a jazzy development of the plot and a nod to the then-popular bobby-soxer dance craze.

The song was restored in various stage versions of The Wizard of Oz, including the 1942 Muny production and 1987 RSC version. It does not appear in the 2011 West End version.
The song was used in the 2016 straight-to-DVD Tom and Jerry film Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz.



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