Ȟe P'eji It' uŋkala Kiŋ (Angol translation)


Ȟe P'eji It' uŋkala Kiŋ

Tuwe oyas' in it'uŋkalakin,
Slolwic' ayapi iŋ c'iŋituŋkala kiŋ
Ohiniya' uŋpi kiŋ he' uŋ.
It' uŋkala owe'okt'okca ota
Mak'oc'et' okt'okca ec'ekc'e ot'ipi
Na c'ajet'okeya kiŋ nakuŋ
T'okecapi ho tk'a hecenaš it'uŋkala hec'api.
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Lakota, Native American
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The Grass Mice Here

We all know about mice
Because mice are everywhere
There are different kinds of mice
They live in all kinds of places
And have different first names,
But they are all mice just the same.
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