Под музыку Вивальди (Angol translation)

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With music of Vivaldi

Lyrics by A. Velichansky, Music by V. Berkovsky and S. Nikitin
With music of Vivaldi,
Vivaldi, Vivaldi.
With music of Vivaldi,
With blizzard outside
Let’s grief about something,
Just something, just something,
Let’s grief about something
Important in the life,
Important in your life.
You hear how they’re weeping,
They’re weeping, they’re weeping,
You see how tears are dripping,
And how hopeless
All our poor seniors,
Their wives and their inners,
And dogs, and cats, and children
Are crying in the hands!
And it becomes so clear,
So clear, so clear,
That heart is full of fear
‘Cause weather makes a grief,
That life was so annoying,
That life was so enjoying,
Someday we all are going to
Be happy, I believe!
And only you were silent,
Just silent, just silent.
And nodded head, and smiling,
With love and open soul,
And then you asked moreover:
“Reverse and start all over,
Rethink and start all over,
My only love…” And so,
With music of Vivaldi,
Vivaldi, Vivaldi.
With music of Vivaldi,
We have been through enough,
With violins and weather,
Let’s swear to be together,
We’re made to be together
With uttermost love!
© Rashpill
Kűldve: RashpillRashpill Csütörtök, 23/04/2015 - 20:27

Под музыку Вивальди

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