Venya Drkin - Я в коем веке помню Вас (Angol translation)

Angol translation

I remember You from another era

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I remember you from another era
As a young lady of old in a garden.
You had a big furry black dog
and were leading a chestnut horse.
I remember a lady in a ball,
Velvet over satin as it used to be,
Falling countless times in love with you,
I strewn the floor with flowers.
The wandering circus of Mr Marceau,
You wore a huge scarlet bow,
And I was a wandering musician,
And you played with a hoop.
I remember (how foolish it seems now):
You were a lovely shepherdess, and I herded swines,
And I drink sly wine
From your strong blue eyes.
I grew up like feathergrass,
As for you, you're of noble blood.
For love nothing was left to you
But tear-soaked pillows.
My shoes, worn out
by the dust of a thousand cities
gathered wisdom from morning dew.
I found you... Nothing more need be said...
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Translated by my friend.


Я в коем веке помню Вас

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