自由の翼 (Jiyuu no Tsubasa) (Angol translation)


Wohlan Freund!
Jetzt hier ist ein Sieg
Dies ist der erste Gloria
O, mein Freund!
Feiern wir diesen Sieg
Für den nächsten Kampf!
"Muimi na shi de atta" to
Saigo no hitori ni
Naru made
Der Feind ist grausam
Wir bringen
Der Feind ist riesig
Wir springen
Ryoute ni wa Gloria
Utau no wa Sieg
Senaka ni wa die Flügel der Freiheit
(Der Feind ist grausam)
Nigirishimeta ketsui wo hidarimune ni
Kirisaku no wa Ringel de Torheit
(Der Feind ist riesig)
Soukyuu wo mau-
Flügel der Freiheit
(Piano solo)
Tori wa tobu tame ni
Sono kara wo yabutte kita
Buzama ni chi wo hau
Tame ja nai daro?
Omae no tsubasa wa
Nanno tame ni aru
Kago no naka no sora wa
Semasugiru daro?
Die Freiheit
Und der Tod
Die beiden sind Zwillinge
Die Freiheit oder der Tod?
Unser Freund ist ein!
(Verse 2)
Nanno tame ni
Umarete kita no ka nante
Koto wa wakaranai kedo
Tatoe sore ga
Ayamachi datta to shite mo
Nanno tame ni
Ikiteiru ka wa wakaru
Sore wa
Rikutsu ja nai
Sonzai yue no "Jiyuu"!
(Guitar solo)
Die Flügel der Freiheit
Kakusareta shinjitsu wa
Shougeki no koushi da
Tozasareta sono Yami to
Hikari ni hisomu Titanen
Kuzuresaru kotei kannen
Mayoi wo dakinagara
Soredemo nao "Jiyuu" e susume
(Linker Weg?
Rechter Weg?
Na, ein Weg welcher ist?)
Der Freund?
Der Feind?
Mensch, Sie welche sind?
Ryoute ni wa instrument
Utau no wa Licht
Senaka ni wa Horizont de Freiheit
(Der Feind ist grausam)
Sekai wo tsunagu kusari wo
Ono ono mune ni
Kanaderu no wa Hinterfront der Möglichkeit
(Der Feind ist riesig)
Soukyuu wo mae-
Flügel der Freiheit
O, mein Freund!
Jetzt hier ist ein Sieg
Dies ist der erste Gloria
O, mein Freund!
Feiern wir diesen Sieg, für den nächsten Kampf!
Der Feind ist riesig… Wir springen…
Der Feind ist grausam…
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自由の翼 (Jiyuu no Tsubasa) [ENG]

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Well my friend!
It's victory
This is the first glory
Oh my friend!
Let's celebrate
We'll win the next fight
I won't let anyone claim
they died in vain
Not until I am the last
One alive
Our fiend is gruesome
We'll defeat them
Our fiend is gigantic
We will fly high
We gripped the blades of glory sing-
ing songs of victory
the wings of freedom guarding our backs
(Our fiend is gruesome)
With our determination held close to our hearts
We will finally break the curse
(Our fiend is gigantic)
Fluttering in the breeze
The Wings of Freedom
(Piano solo)
Even those with wings learned to fly
To soar to freedom high in the sky
Why would they remain chained the ground
With the world waiting for them?
What makes you think what you possess
could carry you away from here?
Don't you feel you're suffocating
Because they sky's to small for you?
Our freedom
and our death
Two sides of the same coin
Our freedom or our death?
Our friend is one of them!
(Verse 2)
For whatever reason
Were we even born in the first place?
I could never understand
such a complicated ruse
Even if we were
never meant to be born at all
For whatever reason
do we exist
Why it's so that we can fly
To just be alive
and fight for our "freedom"!
(Guitar solo)
The wings of freedom
The truth hidden within all of their lies
Will finally be revealed one day
My charging arrow will finally break through
The ranks of their army; the titans
Our sterling arrows rip through the twilight
Our hope a sliver within the darkness
Don't ever rescind the "freedom" you require
(To the left?
To the right?
Where does the answer lie?)
Are you friends?
Or enemies?
Tell me, who are you?
We sing our song of hope and light
Our fighing spirit roars
Dreaming about freedom across the world
(Our fiend is gruesome)
The chains binding us to the past
Shattering in our hearts
We sing a song of what we might become
(Our fiend is gigantic)
Fluttering in the breeze
The Wings of Freedom
Oh my friend!
Our victory
Is the next glory
O my friend!
Let's celebrate
we've won the last fight!
Our fiend is gigantic... Spring upon them...
Our fiend is gruesome...
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This isn't an exact translation because if translated exactly, it wouldn't be singable. Therefore, I've done my best to make this flow as best as possible. If you think I'm missing some of it, well... sorry, please find a different version! Thank you!
-Kael S

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