Tamer Hosny - Ana Mosh Aref Atghayar (أنا مش عارف أتغير) (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Ana mosh 3aref atghayar

i dont know how to change, every time i decide to change something happens makes go back the way i was
every time i decide to start live my life with a principle, i became weak again, and become weak more
yeah, i wake up when am in a good mood and i question my self and say that there is no one who don't make mistakes no way.
again i make the same mistake again, as am talking 2 some one else, am upset with me
truly am mistaken and weak and selfish
Every days passes and forgets me and i say : "sure am gonna change" or its gonna change
على الحال ده بقالى كــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــت
i have been in this "situation" for a long time
وبقلنلنا كتير
ايوه بفوق لما بروق واحاسب نفسى بكام سال ورجع اقول مفيش مخلوق مبيغلطش دا شىء محال
am really regretful for that time, i dont wanna stay like this
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Ana Mosh Aref Atghayar (أنا مش عارف أتغير)