Çelik - Bu Sehirde (Angol translation)

Angol translation

In this city

The lights of this city turns on and off
At nights its fog, mornings its smoke rises
I have a heart that is not same with her
Burns the non-extinguished fire but it can't smoke
Do you know that there's someone who's in love with you
Tear in his eye and pain in his heart
His dedicated life, even you don't care about it
There's someone who's in love with you, worships you
Streets in this city is filled and empitied
At nights hypocrisy, mornings lie lives
I have a heart that is not same with her
Got filled, can't be emptied, it can't lie inside
Bilir misin bu sehirde sana as?k biri var biri var
Gozunde yas ve kalbinde inceden bir s?z? var s?z? var
Sana adanm?s hayat? umurunda olmasada
Bu sehirde sana as?k sana tapan biri var
Kűldve: mjoranda Péntek, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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