The Carpenters - Love me for what I am


Love me for what I am

We fell in love on the first night that we met
Together we've been happy
I have very few regrets
The ordinary problems have not been hard to face,
but lately little changes has been slowly taking place
You’re always finding something
Is wrong in what I do
But you can’t rearrange my life because it
Pleases you
You’ve got to love me
For what I am
For simply being me
Don’t love me for what
You intend and hope that I will be
And if you’re only using me to feed your fantasies,
you’re really not in love so let me go - I must be free
If what you want, isn’t natural for me
I won’t pretend to keep you......
The picture of perfection is only in your mind
For all your expectations love can never be designed
We.......each other......
And make another start...
Repeat chorus
Ur really not in love so let me go
I must be free...
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