Crucified Barbara - I Wet Myself


I Wet Myself

It wasn't really my fault that night
it was a stupid mistake
Couldn't see it was coming
I was far away, I was the queen of the night
It was a bad, bad smell that hit me like a bullet
straight up my nose
It was a joke
It made me laugh
and then I realised-No!
Oh yeah I felt I really had to go
before embarrassment was a fact
I could have killed, killed for a moment alone
One moment alone
Oh no, I'm getting wet
I wet myself, oh no...
...but it's too late now...
It was some minutesI will never forget
It was a lifetime of pain
Thought I was doing well
until the female from hell went up by my side
She said: I'm not sure I'm glad you're here
It looks like you're getting wet somewhere
She said: Get out of my house
before you ruin my fucking carpet
Oh yeah!I felt that it was time to go
but there was something I wanted to do
So I said: hey guys, I wet my pants
and it's fun, you should try it too
Oh yeah, I'm getting wet
I wet myself, oh yeah
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