Peggy Zina - Den Aksizeis (Δεν αξίζεις) (Angol translation)

Angol translation

You don't deserve

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Whatever I say, it’s obvious, that everything is over between us
You torture me, you burst your (nerves) in me, ah, why you don’t speak to me
And you don’t look me in the eyes anymore
Oh, ah, you don’t love me
Oh, and all the time you hurt me
Oh, little by little everyday you forget me
You pass me by, i don’t know what are you asking
You don’t deserve my kisses, nor my embrace
You broke me into pieces, you know it
You don’t deserve my dreams, nor my tears
It has come for you the time to suffer
Whatever you say, you’re not gonna find other kisses better of mine
Wherever you go, you’ll look for me, ah, you’ll return to me
You’ll ask for my eyes
Oh, ah, you don’t love me...
No more lies, the empty glances
I keep the key of my destiny
With you i get lost and i feel it
I have to leave again from the beginning
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Den Aksizeis (Δεν αξίζεις)