Dino Merlin - Drama (Angol translation)

Angol translation


they say that ppl choose their way alone
I was thinking that way, years now
every story should be told twice
and now I'm telling it to you, who else
it doesn't matter how many times we took a breath
hey, more important is how many times we were breathless (lost breath)
they say that ppl alone are making their happiness
and I was thinking the same about our destiny
but I dont know from which side all those lies are coming
this one has left alone
ppl, I don't really have nothing with that/ People, it's really out of my hands
it's drama in three act (parts)
the love is just a name/ word
which ppl are dressing with delusion
Kűldve: velvet_sky Hétfő, 29/12/2008 - 09:03