Die Prinzen - Glücklich (Angol translation)

Angol translation


I saw you coming
slightly blurred
I'm sorry
I was probably a bit stoned
I wanted to have you
invited you to dinner
with me
came clean with you
You said you don't know
that I appeared to you mentally
easily defeatable
so I had to argue against that
even Albert Einstein
didn't want to be alone
& he wasn't wrong
his theory was relative
wow, you said yes
that has me now
totally convinced
you make me happy
how do you do that? I am happy
is it due to your a**e or mine
or to character
have such a
power over us
everything crashes over us together
there's so many
lovely games
everything you want
really everything, everything, everything, everything
people don't anger you
I mean not now
I know that you know
that I know what we both mean
because seen relatively
all theories are
for putting into practice
come on let's make children
yes, you clearly said
voll überzeugt.
come on, make me me happy
I know you're so clever, I
want your a**e, you my character
I make you happy
& I'll do that, because it's great
we shouldn't neglect it
because we have character
we're both big fans
of intelligence
& we look good
but I don't want to always talk
about inner worth
so I'm saying it bluntly
I want you
do you really find me
so resistible
don't be so impregnable
do you want me to be happy
undress, lie down
I must talk to you urgently
Wie machst du das, ich bin glücklich.
Liegt's an deinem Arsch oder meinem Charakter?
Wie schaffst du das? Ich bin glücklich.
Komm, wir machen Spass bis der Ernst reisst,
oder noch beknackter.
Kűldve: Aram Péntek, 01/01/2010 - 00:00