Intocable - a veces/ once in a while


a veces/ once in a while

I know not you love me like you never imagined
and you're happy
you 've told me many times
that you find it hard to see me like this
once in while
you know , to me you are important
and I'm very happy
i ve told you many times
and i know i came into your life a little late
it hurts and is difficult to see you like this
once in a while
When we first started we knew well that it this wasnt eternal
but we never imagined thas this love was growing
I can not give more than I have given
and you deserve more than what i have given
I can not stop you
wish you good luck
remember me forever and let me tell you
it was worth it having to met you
That it will be impossible to forget you
I wish you good luck
i hope you soon fall in love with someone
That to thwe world can love you
it was Worth every moment
That our history is unique
although i would not want to this for it to end
It is impossible, our lives, not tie in
I feel a little angry because I do not want to let you go
because I am happy with you
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