Rafet El Roman - Kalbimin sultani (Angol translation)

Angol translation

The Sultan Of My heart

My God! Of a lover
I'm a slave of a lover
It was an innocent game
I lost my way
My God! This your slave
Make her/his end good
I found love, happiness, the cure, in her
Onda buldum
The things in my mind
The things in my heart
The heart is far from the eye
The ones who suffer from love
Yearning is in my eyes
My heart is in my hand
The heart is far from the lover
The ones who knows me
ooooooo The sultan of my heart
oooooo The spring of my heart
ooooooo The sultan of my heart
ooooo The firman of my lifetime
My God! I'm slave
of this cruel lover
She's innocent, I believed
I've fallen in love
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Kalbimin sultani

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