Miley Cyrus - Love To Last A Lifetime


Love To Last A Lifetime

This feeling I've got inside..
right now..right here
It's real and it's worth the price
right fear
I feel it drifting through the air (air,air)
I've never felt anything like this before
It's spinning around and
it's taking me over
But don't worry..cuz tonight
it's a good thing...I can feel it
It's not lustful,it's not easy
cuz's a love thing
yeah,I can see it
What is this?
What is this feeling..that I'm feeling?
Is it love,is it love
what is this dream..that I'm dreaming?
Is it more is it more
is it more than enough to..
carry me over..across..the sky
whatever this feeling is
I can tell,that it's gonna ..
it's gonna..(oh,oh) last a lifetime
This beating that I feel
inside my heart ..right now
it's so powerful and so damn magical
it could make the world spin around
I send it drifting through the air(air,air)
I've never dreamt like this before
It's just a glimpse of what
the Lord has in store..for me
in the path ahead of me..right now
I can feel it take me over
but's okay
because is more than it was before
before the morning and now
I feel it ..making it's way through the sky
If I could take this feeling
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