Chaif - Ne So Mnoi (Не со мной) (Angol translation)

Angol translation


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I collect stamps
From somebody’s envelopes
I let my dreams (flow)
Easily by the wind
Time is flowing away
Harder, but longer
I won’t get together with you
Won’t see you anymore
You are not with me…
I can not get used to
Foolishness and falseness
You had been so close
Now you are getting further
Yesterday you went to
“Agatha Christie”***
I was kicking (toeing) in the square
Golden leaves
I was pouring out
And somebody’s hands
Were cutting Suluguni*
She was singing her songs
Badly and falsely
I had it hammering in my head
“It’s rotten without you”
It hurts, boy….
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Ne So Mnoi (Не со мной)