Tamer Hosny - Rayah balak (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Rayah balak

Relax and forget who has forgotten you
live for yourself .. your nights
O my heart , that's not what we wish
my house's longing whatever I miss
Your eyes .. It's not for you
Forget it , and don't return back to his love
let yourself be strong .. it doesn't matter
they are years lost , even if they pass
it will never return back whatever you do
Why would u return to support and continue
a love that hasn't an end from a start
Wound that hasn't an end
why would you tire yourself why
forget the time and forget him
O my heart , forget who hurts my feelings (I think The song is about a singer with hurt feelings that he is talking to his heart about his story )
I gave (offered) him my life (life time) and why
and why doesn't he ever well treated me , o my heart ?
Forget the days and forget him
O my heart , forget the one who hurts my feelings
I gave him my life and why ?
Wala Marra Ya Alby Raya7ny
Kűldve: Guest Szerda, 31/12/2008 - 09:33