Soghati ( سوغاتی ) (Angol translation)

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When you are coming,
The sound of your footsteps comes from all roads.
It is not like it’s coming from a distant city
But from all of the world
Until the door is opened
When the moment of visiting comes
Every road in the earth reaches through my heart
you, you are one and all for me
Without you I stop breathing
if I have you
I will achieve whatever I want
When you are not here
To whom should I repeat my heart’s beat?
For whom should I awake Daisy flowers?
To whom should the wings of love birds give grains?
Can I and my body be alive without you?
Dusts from your shirt are the dearest souvenir for me
Another life is to see and smell you
I don't want you for myself or for passion
I want you thus I can breathe
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Soghati ( سوغاتی )

aref1989    Péntek, 18/05/2012 - 14:21

Totally Excellent dude. But I believe you have a tiny slip at the very last sentence of your text. That is: ( I can breath ). It ought to be ( I can breathe ) as Breathe is the (v).

bijan.kardouni    Szombat, 04/04/2015 - 09:02

I like your translation much more than mine Regular smile