Steel Panther - Party All Day (Fuck All Night)


Party All Day (Fuck All Night)

(It's story about a boy
Whose ???????
his very first time)
When I was only three
My Mama said to me
Don't go screwing a skanky girl1
Or you're gonna get VD
When I was Seventeen
I poked a kooky bitch
A couple days later my balls swelled up
And my crotch began to itch
But that's when I totally knew
What God wanted me to do
Hey Hey Hey
Fuck all night and Party all Day
(Check it out)
Now I'm in a bitchin' band
And I'm Banging every night
I don't care if she's a trailer ho
And she's got three friggin' eyes
I get up in the afternoon
Cuz I don't have a stupid job
I drink some beer and I watch cartoons
While a slut polishes my knob
Smoke and drink and screw
That's what I was born to do!
(Now God's looking down on me,
saying, "Hey man, way to be!"
Fuck fuck fuck yeah,
Fuck yeah!
...Fuck yeah, dude)
  • 1. sung "ho"
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Submitter's comments:

These are the official lyrics, taken from the booklet.
Many words are censored there, I decided not to censor these words.
I couldn't completely understand the first part.



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