Team Me - Weathervanes and chemicals


Weathervanes and chemicals

As the mountains melt together with the sunrise
You tell about the time
When you turned yourself into a stranger
And all the chemicals were dancing in your blood
When you dear suddenly felt seasick
Because you thought all lies were revealed
And the things that I felt when you told me
About that house with that singing weather vane
Oh, determined heart please translate it
These cryptic messages hidden in between
Her moon and her sky and her oceans
Cause I don't seem to understand them anymore
Now the bachelor seems to wind up in a corner
And his army of lovers they have left
And the brakeman is obviously sleeping
'Cause this train is going faster than light
Kűldve: Guest Kedd, 24/01/2012 - 03:36
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i haven't seen this song here yet, so I've put the lyrics on this site.


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