Ti si mi u krvi (Angol translation)

Angol translation

You're in my blood

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She's caressing me with her look
like she's touching me
and every time
looks like it's the first time
I keep on thinking it will end
it will disappear out of a blue
but desire wont stop
you're in my blood
So many long years
of taking and giving
I'm staying the last and the first one
I'm dreaming of gipsies because of you
and thnking of sweet deceits
but the devil wont give up
you're in my blood
if they take you away
the gipsies wanderers
or scary harem's guardians steal you
if they take you away
I will go crazy
I cant wake up in the morning without you anymore
if they take you away
everything will crush
remember me as a friend, keep me in your soul
and even then
when you think it's too late for dreams
for everything
so many long years
and if they take you away...
Kűldve: Adrienne Kedd, 23/12/2008 - 15:14

Ti si mi u krvi