Lumsk - Trolltind (Angol translation)

Angol translation


Will you hear the story
Of the Troll Peaks in Romsdal?
It was so that they were created
When giants were to get married
-And the bride's following was on its way
The marriage was to be held
In the troll-church that was theirs
At the base of the mountain Romsdalshorn
All giants would celebrate
Some of the giants came from afar
And started the feast early
The beer bowl was passed around amongst them
That were on the marriage way
-And time went fast
Time was forgotten and the night was long
They joked and laughed and giggled
And the more they drank and laughed and sang
They approached indiscernible crisis
They tripped in company
And night became day
But with daylight also came sun
The moment the rays caught the following
They were not with us here on earth
No giant stayed on his feet
The following was as petrified
It did not help to be mad
They stand there still today
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science man    Vasárnap, 04/03/2012 - 03:19

This song has turned me on to Norwegian music. Thanks so much the translation.