t.A.T.u. - Ya soshla s uma (Я сошла с ума) (Angol translation)

Angol translation

I went mad/I became insane

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I went mad, I went mad
I need her, I need her
I became mad, I became insane
I need her, I need her
There's no me at all
Absolutely seriously
It's a "help"-situation
It's a SOS-situation
I can't understand myself
Where did you come from?
Why, why?
have I got hooked on you?
The light turns down
I'm flying somewhere
there's no me without you
I don't want anything
It's a slow poison
IT's driving me crazy
А они говорят - виновата сама
I'm not me without you
There's no me without you
And they say
Say it's a delirium
It's a sun-poison
Golden beams
And they say
That an immediate treatment is necessary
I wanted to forget up to the stop and then down
I counted the posts and the absentminded birds
There's no me without you, let me go, let me go
To the corner by the wall, mom and dad - forgive me
One, two, after five
Ma-ma daddy forgive
I gone mad
Ма-ма папа прости
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Ya soshla s uma (Я сошла с ума)