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    Humanoid • Humanoid

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Humanoid szöveg

My name is Hybrid, I stand alone
Bionic implants engineered for flesh and bone
Computer circuits under command
Of my intelligence, I am a metal man
I am indestructible
Half human, half machine
Evil and invincible
My heart is made of steel
I'm a Humanoid
Forged in your likeness, my blood runs cold
I am superior, I cannot be controlled
I have reprogrammed internal drive
You will be assimilated into the hive
Welcome to the future
A flesh and blood machine
I am indestructible
No one can challenge me
I'm a Humanoid
Living breathing Humanoid
We are indestructible
Upgraded human beings
We are undeniable
The likes you've never seen
Humanoid, cybernetic dream
We are Humanoid, half human, half machine
Humanoid, no feelings and no soul
All hail the Humanoid, we have assumed control