Fairuz - Ahwak (أهواك) (Angol translation)

Angol translation

I desire you

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I desire you, and it's hopeless
And your eyes beam at me
And your flowers seduce me, with cravings to kiss
I desire you, and mine is a heart
That with the throes of your love does inflame
You beckon it, it draws near
You push it away, it feels cold and bare
In the dark, it sulks
And fatigue demolishes it
As it melts down and seeps away
Sleepless, I lie in waiting
And long does sleep elude me
And so the moon inquires of me
"What's happening, my lovely?"
And I retort, with a heart
That's been estranged by love
"I'm to blame, O Moon
"I loved when it was hopeless."
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Ahwak (أهواك)

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