Antes Que As Libélulas Entrem Em Extinção (Angol translation)

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Before the Dragonflies Go Extinct

Between universes and hearts, which, to me, are the same thing
I'm just another angle
Looking for the beach, for the Carnaval parade
And seeking to not be misunderstood
Your dick loves me, but I don't love your dick,
Because I know you only think with the head you've got below
And it's all a matter of the tastes and distaste of the country
Would you rather explode in the time bomb that is fame
Or simply die without ever being bothered by your name?
It depends on what your reaction is to the news on TV,
It's all a matter of disposition
Getting the playboy or becoming the playboy
I feel like I'm my phone's lapdog,
Every time it whistles, I come running to look at it, pet it, give it attention
I don't know which one of us is the owner anymore
Believe it if you want, and if you don't wanna, hey, then don't believe
But we're coming together in the square to debate, a mutualism like how spiders weave their webs
So alike in appearance to our little old ladies doing crochet on their front step
I ask to borrow the wings of insects, so that we can see up close how beautiful death is in the evening light
But not beautiful when it comes from a bomb being thrown in Aleppo
I'm leaving now, since there are people waiting to come in1
I'll come back, in the far-off past
I'll be back when dawn breaks, I still have yet to return
Like all beings who have died, one day I'll learn to fly
Who knows, maybe I could even be part of someone else's wings
Everywhere I go, brilliant, shining people show me that life is possible
Even if we don't want to, we have to keep trying2
Everywhere I go, other people are going forward too3
Each one, in their own way, leaves footprints in the way they come through
We're on the 12th try, the Messiah must be 12 years old now
And if he didn't die in the line to the doctor's office, he must be in some other country, holding up a firearm or practicing piano4
Being the second verse of the miracle of life, death is also beautiful
But not when it comes from a bomb being thrown in Aleppo
The magic of poetry in re-creating scenes and resolving nothing
The power that it gives us to rise up out of the ruins of everything that's going wrong
And emerge from the smoke carried on the shoulders of a firefighter like a newborn child5
To be delivered once more into the arms of our parents
Jesus Christ is the mother that has always performed the miracle of bread, of the fathers6
I'm going to leave now, before dragonflies go extinct7
  • 1. Literally it says "I'm leaving now, as there are still people wanting to come in". I tweaked it a little to reinforce the feeling here that the speaker is, or at least feels like, they are taking up space some place and needs to move so that others can enter.
  • 2. This could also mean "Even if by accident/without meaning to, we can't miss out on/stop trying."
  • 3. A little tricky to translate to English because 'passar' also implies 'to succeed', to go somewhere in life. So the line is saying that people are passing through but are 'moving ahead'.
  • 4. SUS (here simply referred to as "the doctor's office") stands for "Sistema Único de Saúde", a public healthcare system that exists in Brazil.
  • 5. Poetic license to make the image clearer. Literally here it just says "And emerge on the shoulders of a firefighter like a newborn".
  • 6. I'm so upset that this play on words doesn't translate to English. What it says here literally is "Jesus Christ is the mother that always did the miracle of bread", BUT it's a pun because he uses the plural form of "bread", pães, which sounds just like the word "fathers" (pais).
  • 7. Insider secrets on the meaning of this line... He's said in at least one show that this line (and the song's title, by extension) are references to the fact that dragonflies are bio-indicators, meaning that they are a signal of an ecosystem's health. Dragonflies are more sensitive to pollution than many other insects and aquatic invertebrates and can only breed successfully in high-quality bodies of water. So, wherever their nymphs are found, this is a fairly reliable sign that that stream/river/etc. is healthy and not polluted with pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, etc. (As an environmental scientist who's done aquatic biology surveying before, I can confirm that this is pretty much accurate.) So the speaker is basically saying that they're leaving before all of the world is so polluted that dragonflies become extinct.
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I forgot how much I liked this song; I hadn't listened to it in years before I did this translation.

Also, this song has a secret hidden music video! As far as I know you can only see it in the video of his performance for Festival Multiplicidade 2021, which is available in its entirety on YouTube, on the festival's channel at I recommend it.

(As always any corrections or suggestions are super appreciated! Thanks for reading!)


Antes Que As Libélulas Entrem Em Extinção

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