Hani Shaker - arrabni lik (Angol translation)

Angol translation

draw me close to you

Hany Shaker - Draw Me Close to You
Why does time pass so fast
When you are beside me?
I was telling you one thousand hundred million I love yous
You made me feel like I could compensate for all that has passed in my life
You made me see my days as more beautiful
I don't say days and revoke them
I do not fear that which is come as long as I am with you
I don't want to live my life unless it's with you
Draw me close to you
I am in your hands
My sadness is leaving me
Days were passing as years while you were far
I don't know after you, my darling, who I will live for?
What do I hope for when I am in your hands?
You own all my hopes
Come close as well
Take me to your to put me in a world that I love
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