Black and blue

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  • Idiom: Black and blue
  • Nyelv: Angol
  • Idiomatic translations / equivalents: Angol
  • Explained meaning: Angol, Olasz
  • Lyrics containing the idiom: 323 lyrics

Idiomatic translations of "Black and blue"

To beat someone black and blue

Meanings of "Black and blue"


Covered in livid bruises. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Explained by IceyIcey

"Nero e blu", in riferimento al colore degli ematomi. Significa essere ricoperti di lividi e botte nere.

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"Black and blue" in lyrics

Alan Walker - Diamond Heart

I wish that my heart was made of stone
Yeah, if i was bulletproof
I'd love you black and blue
If I was solid like a jewel

Andy Grammer - Don't Give up on Me

I will fight, I will fight for you
I always do until my heart is black and blue

Orelsan - It's Okay

[Verse 2]
If the neighbor yells loudly, it's because she didn't hear right
If her body is all black and blue, it's because she played in the paint
And if she disappeared one day, it's because she went on her honeymoon

Major Lazer - Hollow

There's a light in every hollow where the sun comes shining through.
It'll find you down the river when you are left black and blue.
There's a light in every hollow, like the world you never knew.

Alec Benjamin - Boy in the Bubble

She said, “Boy, you gotta tell me what they did to you.”
I said, “You don’t wanna know the things I had to do.”
She said, “Son, you gotta tell me why you’re black and blue.”
I said I didn't want trouble, I'm the boy in the bubble,

Rihanna - Love on the Brain

Must be love on the brain
That’s got me feeling this way
It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good
And I can’t get enough

Los Cuates De Sinaloa - Black and Blue

The city’s called Duke, the state New Mexico
Amongst the gangsters its fame has spread
Because of a new drug the gringos have created

Emigrate - Let's Go

I'm so impossible and you knew
Everything that I've discarded
Has left my hands black and blue

Emigrate - Let's Go

I'm so impossible and you knew
Everything that I've discarded
Has left my hands black and blue

Superfly - Bouquet Filled with Love

Is much happier

Violet, indigo, black and blue,
flame, yellow, purple, sky blue,

Chilla - If I were a man

If I were a man, I'd have no use for feelings
I'd make promises I'd never hold
I'll beat you black and blue just to keep you here
If you want to please me, you'll have to suffer

Die Antwoord - Drunk as Fuck

You had 'em!
Fuck you!
God, woman, I'll punch you in the mouth till you're black and blue!
Fuck you!!! You dog!

A.C.E - Black And Blue

A feast of bad thoughts (I know)
You with entirely contrasting colors (Oh girl)
Just like a twisted kind of logic (Right now)
What is common sense (So what?) I've been thrown away (No more)

Bruno Mars - Grenade

No, no, no, no

Black, black, black and blue
Beat me 'til I'm numb

Jacob Banks - Chainsmoking

And still I'm hanging on to the life we had before
I know this cold love won't lead me to the Lord
Although I'm black and blue, I'm begging you for more

Healer (OST) - You

I will always look over you It's you

my heart is black and blue,the person it longs for It's you

Kehlani - Gangsta

That's just what gangsters do

I'm fucked up, I'm black and blue
I'm built for it, all the abuse

NU'EST - Where You At

While you weren’t here
My heart longed for you
Now it’s bruised, black and blue
But my scarred heart doesn’t hurt

Takeoff - She Gon Wink

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
I bought them blues blues (Blue), talkin' all blues
Beat it up black and blue (Blue)
My dawg got dog food (Food)

Michael Patrick Kelly - Et Voilà

Beaten down black and blue
It felt like a year of no summer
All that is left to do
Is to go through the sorrow