Blitz und Donner (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Thunder and Lightning

Spread your wings
Come on, let's fly out
Go into the wide world
Because nothing stops us here
Do not look behind you anymore
And do not fly without me
One last breath
Then it starts
Tonight we are like lightning and thunder
We are strong together
Because everything we always wanted
Lies to our feet today
Today the adventure starts
Fate is just waiting for us
We are like lightning and thunder
lightning and thunder
The ground shakes so hard
With every thunderclap
We fly through the night
And I'll take care of you
Do not let go of my hand
Together we are great
And as strong as ever
Tonight we are like lightning and thunder
I'll help you if the devil laughs
A cold storm is passing through the night
Come, stay here and now
Before it tears you apart
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Blitz und Donner

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