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Misled Rascals Are Causing Trouble In The Land

Misled rascals are causing trouble in the land,
Radibimmel, radibammel, radibumm.
the air, it smells burnt,
Tilly marches through the land!
It sounds so sweet, radibimm, bumm, bamm,
for the greater glory of God,
the fife and drum.
The rose blossoms, the thorn, it stings,
it says so in every jug.
He, who pays right away, won't forget it,
enough with the hesitation!
The Lutherans, they have to pay,
with all that is theirs, with their lives,
for among them deceit is truth.
Tilly's body is small,
his sword is a mile-long;
And when he swings it, then it strikes,
then fire and stench are brought about.
The deceitful vermin must go down!
Anything one does against them,
the lord will thank him for it.
The song has been concluded,
And he, who has sung it,
he reaped many spoils
and drank his fill with wine.
His name is Tönnes Tielemann
and he set thirty villages ablaze,
that he didn't grow tired of.
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