Буває (Buvaye) (Angol translation)

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It happens

It happens, so that you want to scream
To tear down the sky
And everything around you to be wrong.
It happens, that the fate forgets,
Where I search it
And to not leave even a sign.
It happens, that you do not have strength and everything to be pointless,
It happens, to not be able to see the sun from the clouds,
I also know, that everything is only a game
And I play in it. (x2)
It happens, to be a wall in front of me,
I my head in it,
It will not break, it will not go through.
It happens, that I get scared,
Sadness to embrace me,
To not be able to control my anger.
Game, in which I play
It's different
I know and you know.
It's important to remember,
To fly here,
You should not be afraid to fall.
It happens, that I open the door,
And there it awaits me,
Flowers leading the way.
It happens, the world to sing to me,
The life to gift me wonders,
Happiness, tears in my eyes.
It happens, that the spring comes and is not alone.
It happens, that the sky is visible again and there are no clouds.
I know, that all this is just a game
And I play in it. (x3)
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Буває (Buvaye)

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