Cari luoghi ov'io passai (Angol translation)

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Cari luoghi ov'io passai

Cari luoghi ov'io passai
i primi anni di mia vita
v'abbandono, e chi sa mai
quando ancor vi rivedrò
Poverello, abbandonato
senza affetto e senza aita,
de' miei giorni il più beato
sarà il dì che tornerò.
Ed allor che il tristo pianto
in piacere fia cambiato
rivedrò l'asilo amato
ove fui felice un dì.
Risuonare del mio canto
io faro le selve ancora,
de' miei giorni il più beato
sarà il dì che tornerò.
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Dear places where I passed

Dear places where I passed
the early years of my life
I'll leave you, and who knows
when I'll see you again
Poor man, abandoned
without affection or help,
Of my days the most blissful
I'll be back on the day
And then the sad cry
in pleasure being changed
I will see the beloved kindergarten again
where I was happy once.
Resounding of my chant
I'll do the woods again,
Of my days the most blissful
I'll be back on the day
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