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Carrilon tight kisses and confusion
Carrillon our hearts were beating fast
Carrillon we played the game of love for the first time
Carrillon on summer Sundays
Carrillon cigarettes and hot chocolate
Carrillon the scent of incense
You're there, let's see who can reach the wall
You're there, no one will find us out
Carrillon was already a game for grown-ups
Carrillon in the silence among the pines
Carrillon you bloomed in my hands
Carrillon the shutters of the rooms
Carrillon and our differences
Carrillon you look like this night
You are there, come even closer
You are there, no one will find us out
Carrillon how many records have passed
Carrillon in the dolphins' room
Carrillon my nights your mornings
Carrillon while the stars change
Carrillon the current of the skin
Carrillon in the hurry to get there
Carrillon we find each other hand in hand
Carrillon neither near nor far
Carrillon low moon and roofs in the sky
You're there, you're there, no one will find us out
You are there, just stay close
you're there, you're there, no one will find us out
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