Chams Al-Achia شمس العشية (Angol translation)


Chams Al-Achia شمس العشية

شَمْسُ العَشِية قَدْ غَرَّبَتْ وَاسْتَعْبَرَتْ عَيْنِي مِنَ الفُرْقَا
عَلَى الشَّفَقْ قَدْ سَطَّرَتْ حِينَ غُيِّبَتْ زَادَ العَشِيقْ شوقا
حَتَّى الطُّيُورْ قَدْ غَرَّدَتْ وَتَرَنَّمَتْ تَرْثِي عَلَى الوَرْقَا
يَا شَمْسَ العَشِيَّا أمْهِلْ لا تَغِبْ بِاللهِّ رِفْقَا
هَيَّجْتِ مَا بِيَا حَتَّى زِدْتَنِي فِي القَلْبِ شَوْقَا
تَرَّفَقْ عَلَيَّا إنِّي فِي المَلِيحْ قَدْ زِدْتُ عِشْقَا
فِي الوَادِي المُذَهَّبْ وَوَجْهُ الملِيح مِثل الثُّرَيَّا
وَالسَّاقِي المُؤدَّبْ يَسْقِي بِالأوَانِي البُنْدُقِيَّا
صَفِّفُوا القِطْعَا وَزِيدُوا نَغْنَمُ هَذَا العَشِيَّا
كُلّنا كأسوُ في يَدُو يَغْتَنِمْ سَاعَة هَنِيَّا
وَالمَلِيحْ قَلْبِي يُرِيدُوا يَنْشَرِحْ بَيْنَ يَدِيَّا
أنَا كُلِّ مِلْكٌ لَكُمْ سَادَتِي أنْتُمُ لِمَنْ
أنَا عَبْدٌ اشْتَرَيْتُمُوهُ رَخِيصًا بِلا ثَمَنْ
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The Evening Sun

The evening sun is about to go down and my eyes filled with tears because of separation
It set her lines upon the horizon and when it went down, the one in love fell for his longing
Even birds warbled and trilled mourning upon leaves
Oh, sun of the evening, wait, don’t go down, and for God’s sake take it easy on me
You set me on fire and you make the heart dies of its yearning
Have mercy on me, I’m falling deeper for the beautiful one
In the golden valley where the face of the beautiful (shines) like a chandelier
And the polite servant serves drinks in concave glasses
Set the divans up and give us more, let us have fun this evening
Each one of us is holding his glass in his hand and enjoying the moment
And my heart wants the beautiful one and opens wide for him
I am all at your service, masters, what about you?
I am a slave that you bought with cheapest price
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Is song is part of a longer poem under the same title. It goes under the type of “Mowachah” which is mainly poems to be sung. This one can be found in Standard Arabic, but it is still written here with a Moroccan Arabic identical to how it is heard in the song. The setting of the poem takes place in one of the Andalusian nights, very known for music and poetry.

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