Fading love - Love songs

Created by EnrixosfromParis on 11 már 2018 | Last edited by EnrixosfromParis on 14 május 2018

This regroups all the songs speaking about a love that has faded, which is not what it used to be
This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody.
This project is the result of collective work (still having to be done), by all the members that
suggested songs in comments, in addition to the one i knew. I thank you all in advance
for your precious help, and suggestions and would be really glad if this is of help to anyone Regular smile

She notices that she gets no more call, no more letter,
no more flower, no more dinner, she usually sing when
she's alone, and she sings a lot more than before

Fordítások:  Spanyol Francia Olasz

he doesn't show her anymore signs of love, they both a change in their lives
she never tought it would be easy but not so hard as they don't share love,
nor understanding

Fordítások:  Francia Török

She doesn't love him anymore because he is trying to erase her and
her personality, he doesn't care about her. So she lost her love for him.
As her love, she has also faded away

Fordítások:  Spanyol Olasz Francia

He is trying to remember how it was when they were still together,
he tries through his memories to remember this love that has
now faded away

Fordítások:  Francia

Time has gone by, she doesn't find what she is looking for,
his heart has become stone, they hurt themselves through words,
no way of fixing it, she thinks this is the end of it, the finish line

Fordítások:  Perzsa Szerb Francia

She doesn't know how to communicate with her boyfriend anymmore,
love is somehow gone, and she forgot the reason of their love
she requires some attention some words from him but he seems already far away,

Fordítások:  Angol Portugál Finn 6 more

He still loves her, but she is getting really tired of him, and don't show anymore
sign of tenderness

Fordítások:  Szerb Román Ukrán

Once he ran to her, now he runs from her.
she seems to have changed with time in a way that make him flee. she is kind of cruel
and like to hurt him. he gave her all, and has now only tears to share, to a point ha cannot
sleep at night anymore

Fordítások:  Szerb Görög Magyar 9 more

It is a couple, once they were knowing it each other,
The boy takes her to the lake, he has taken a Knofe with him, to perform the murder of love, who let the girl
surprised and desperate Under the moonlight, Slowly Love has died

Fordítások:  Spanyol Török Olasz 3 more

This house where he lives has become hell, place just for tears, troubles and desperation.
He gave her love, and only received expensive things back.
Money has made her behave like a fool, drink alkohol, because afterall money doesn't make happiness.
He thought she was elegance, and class, but with time she has become cheap, and common.
It is clear love faded away because the fire was not properly maintained

Eveyrthing was great, and after eight years living together, lost was gone like somebody loses Something
They try to fight this, but as love is a driving force, Nothing works without it, and whatever they would have
tried, they still got Nothing to say to each other

Fordítások:  Angol Orosz

It doesn't work anymore between them, love is going away, slowly, and she just to forget about him

Fordítások:  Spanyol Francia Olasz 1 more

She is furious, because she feels no more love from him. She still loves him, and awaits from him
some proof of love. She threatens him of breaking up, if he won't be showing love right now.
He tries to defend himself with arguments, but won't go to her. Love has changed and is probably gone
as it seems. If he would just kiss her, she would stay for sure!

Fordítások:  Angol Katalán Szerb

She doesn't want a half love, it is nnot the same anymore she wants it all, or Nothing, and awaits from
him a sign to start it all over. But will he give it, or has love faded away?
Greek version of Desátame

Fordítások:  Angol Transliteration

It seems, their love was better before, now it seems lost somewhere, like a dream gone.

Fordítások:  Dán Angol

They've let the fire of their love die. Now the guy doesn't know if he should stay or not, because
monotony of their Relationship makes him want to leave, and he can't remember why he is with her.

Fordítások:  Horvát Török Görög 6 more