FTISLAND Discography

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FTISLAND Discography

FTISLAND (Korean: 에프티 아일랜드, Japanese: エフティー・アイラン) is a three-member pop-rock band under FNC Entertainment. They debuted on June 7, 2007 and debuted in Japan a year later .

Their name stands for "Five Treasure Island".

Ország:  Korea, South

Genres:  Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock

Nyelvek:  Koreai, Angol, Japán

Cheerful Sensibility is the first studio album by South Korean band F.T. Island, released on 5 June 2007. The album contains 13 songs divided into two sections: "Emotional Chapter" consists of rock ballads, while "F.T. Island Chapter" is made up of pop-rock songs written by Japanese composers.

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"2008 연가 (Yeon Ga) FTISLAND" is FTISLAND's first digital single and it was released on April 3 2008. The song was later included on the yearly 2008 연가 (Yeon Ga) album. The cover art features the Korean actor Park Yong Ha.

Song language:  Koreai

Előadó:  FTIsland (F.T. Island)

Prologue of F.T. Island: Soyogi is the first Japanese EP released by South Korean rock band F.T. Island on 7 June 2008.

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Colorful Sensibility is the second studio album by South Korean band F.T. Island, released on 25 August 2008.

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Colorful Sensibility Part 2 is the follow-up album of Colorful Sensibility by South Korean band F.T. Island, released on October 17, 2008, two months after the main album.

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7. FTISLAND || The One Collection

"The One" is FTISLAND's first Japanese single. It was released on December 17 2008 in CD+DVD edition only and it was limited to 10,000 copies. It reached #24 on Oricon weekly charts, and charted for one week.

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Cross & Change is FTISLAND's third album and i was released on July 16 2009. A repackage edition was released 3 months later on October 26 2009 under the title "Double Date".

This 2CD version included the same tracklist as Cross & Change (except for "Barae (Ver.2)") with the addition of three new songs. The second CD is considered as FT.triple's debut single, as it contains all the songs released by the sub-group at the moment of the album release.

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9. FTISLAND || Jump Up Collection

Jump Up is FTISLAND's second mini-album and it was released on November 2 2009. It was their first release after the new member Song Seung Hyun joined the group only 14 days before the release.

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So Long, Au Revoir is FTISLAND's first full Japanese album and it was released on December 16 2009. It was their last release under Ai Entertaiment, as in March 2010 they signed with Warner Music Japan. The cover art was illustrated by Choi Jong Hun, FTISLAND's leader.

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