Songs with One-Word Titles from A to Z

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Songs with One-Word Titles from A to Z

Some of my favourite songs in English language from A to Z.

The title track of Carly Simon's 1971 album "Anticipation" tells about the good you can find in uncertainty. "Anticipation, anticipation is making me late, is keeping me waiting" – what a clever line!

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Carly Simon

Fordítások:  OlaszPortugál

Long before Gwen Stefani decided she was no "Hollaback Girl", No Doubt were among the heroes of my teenage years. Bathwater, which first appeared on the 2000 album "Return from Saturn", has some of the most cringeworthy lyrics, which made me wonder if I would ever be able to love someone enough to "share a toothbrush".

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  No Doubt

Fordítások:  FinnFranciaPortugálRomán

I fell in love with the music of Tracy Chapman when I stumbled over a copy of the 1989 album "Crossroads" at a reduced price at some point during the early 2000s. I knew right away that she believes in every word she's singing.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Tracy Chapman

Fordítások:  BulgárFranciaNémetSpanyol

This song appeared on "Rumours" (1977), THE Fleetwood Mac album. I love this song because it bares a very distinctive and yet indescribable emotion that I never really managed to capture. It's not happy, it's not sad. It touches me, but I can't really explain why.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Fleetwood Mac

Fordítások:  ArabKínaiDánFrancia   9 more

It's a hauntingly beautiful, piano-driven ballad that is just obscure enough to be still considered "artsy". The song was the second official single off the album "Far" in 2009.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Regina Spektor

Fordítások:  AzerbajdzsánFranciaNémetOlasz   6 more

Alicia Keys is one of the few singers whose songs I don't find too interesting apart from the ones that were released as singles. "Fallin'" has that pure emotion that I love, which proves that Alicia Keys is at her best when she's creating a song all by herself and without the help of four or five co-writers.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Alicia Keys

Fordítások:  ArabBulgárKínaiHorvát   12 more

Love her or hate her, but Madonna is actually a great performance artist who brings to life both up-tempo songs and ballads. This is one of her more "conservative" songs on "Music" (2000). It's a very simple composition, but it's been stuck in my head ever since I heard it for the first time.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Madonna

Fordítások:  FranciaGörögSzerb

"Post" (1995) is probably the most "approachable" album in Björk's catalogue. The stand-out track for me is "Hyperballad", a very intense track that made me feel like music was suddenly in 3D when I heard it for the first time.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Björk

Fordítások:  FinnNémetGörögOlasz   6 more

Queen had many songs with that "epic" kind of feeling, but the title track of "Innuendo" (1991) is easily my favourite among them. "Through the sorrow all through our splendour don't take offence at my innuendo" - well said.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Queen

Fordítások:  ArabBulgárHorvátCseh   16 more

While I'm not quite a "Jazzman" myself, there are some Jazz-influenced songs that I really like. Carole King's pop song, which appeared on her 1974 album "Wrap Around Joy", embodies all the passion you can in whom I consider one of the greatest songwriters ever.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Carole King

"The Kick Inside" (1978) is an eccentric album in the best way imaginable. "Kite" was actually the B-side to Kate Bush's signature song "Wuthering Heights" but is actually even more brillant in terms of composition and arrangement.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Kate Bush

"Luka", the lead single off "Solitude Standing" (1987) was Suzanne Vega's biggest hit for a reason. It's amazing how she manages to put troubling lyrics over a catchy pop tune without creating something disturbing.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Suzanne Vega

Fordítások:  ArabBeloruszBulgárHorvát   18 more

I don't know what it is that makes me love musicals. My brain tells me that they're cheesy and have weird storylines and yet my heart can't resist. "Memory" is probably my favourite Webber ballad and nobody sings it better than Elaine Page.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Cats (musical)

Fordítások:  ArabBulgárHorvátCseh   19 more

This ballad appeared on "Automatic for the People" (1992) and is one of those great R.E.M. ballads that find their strengths in minimalism. It's undeniably cheesy, but in one of the most heartfelt ways imaginable.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  R.E.M.

Fordítások:  OlaszSpanyol

This song appeared on Amanda Palmer's debut album "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" in 2008. While it's the genuine emotion that I love in many of the songs on this list, it's Amanda Palmer's dark sarcasm which I admire here.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Amanda Palmer

"Bury the Hatchet" was released in 1999 but I could still listen to it on repeat every single day of my life. "Promises" is the kind of song you want to listen to after you've been deceived by someone because it helps you find empowerment in your anger.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  The Cranberries

Fordítások:  GörögOlaszRománOrosz   4 more

For some reason, many of the songs on this list appeared on the artist's debut album. "Queer" was the third single off "Garbage" in 1995. It took me some time to get into it (because it's so different - how ironic!) but now it's actually my favourite track on the album.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Garbage

Fordítások:  BulgárHorvátFranciaGörög   3 more

One of the songs from "Yes I Am" (1993), Melissa Etheridge's most successful album. It is full of passion and showcases Melissa's incredible talent of conveying the good and the bad that love can give us.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Melissa Etheridge

This song appeared on Alanis Morissette's 2002 album "Under Rug Swept". Despite being an rather unknown track, I think it's one of the most clever and thrilling compositions of her entire career.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Alanis Morissette

Fordítások:  NémetPortugál

I listened to this song so many times (mostly in my car) when it was released as the first single off Van Halen's comeback album "A Different Kind of Truth" in 2012 that it's now the most played track on my iTunes with a one-track title starting with a "T". I honestly didn't see that coming.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Van Halen

"Uncharted" was included on "Kaleidoscope Heart" (2010), Sara Bareille's second album (which was ironically her only album that charted at number 1) and proves one more time that there is no reason why poetry and pop music should be mutually exclusive.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Sara Bareilles

Fordítás:  Spanyol

I waited 13 years for Fiona Apple to release another album. "The Idler Wheel..." finally arrived in 2012 and included this tearful piano ballad: "You didn't see my valentine, I sent it via pantomime while you were watchin' someone else I stared at you and cut myself".

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Fiona Apple

Fordítás:  Szerb

This was actually Annie Lennox's debut single (taken from "Diva", 1992). Being one of the best vocalists on planet Earth, the singer delivers such an emotional performance in the studio version and various live versions that I consider this one of the key "heartbreak" songs in my life.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Annie Lennox

Fordítások:  ArabHorvátHollandFinn   11 more

There are so many great Blondie songs to choose from, so I was glad they had one starting with "X". This one appeared on the band's eponymous debut album in 1976 and set the pace for everything that was yet to come.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Blondie

This song from "Become You" (2002) is most likely one of Amy Ray's most light-hearted compositions, but it's actually that simplicity that makes this song so great. Who cares what your friends and family think? It's our love that matters. So true.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Indigo Girls

This song was featured on the soundtrack of "Bulworth" (1998). I'm by no means an expert in hip hop music but this one has pretty clever lyrics in the context of the film.

Song language:  Angol

Előadó:  Dr. Dre

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