Come un angelo (Angol translation)

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Like an angel

I see that blonde child again
Go down the stairs slowly
And then my mother say: "Come, come!"
there are people
in front of me but some dummies
They had already made themselves comfortable
And with my hands behind me
I was selling my character
Larà larà larà ...
I recited poems by heart
And a thousand liars acclaimed me
Among many bows, between invented forms
The real essences are decanted
And it remains that chorus that says that I am, I am
But what kind of an angel
could be me
In the middle of a sky that was not meant to be mine
Sweep everything in a corner
Make a bag of that world
And from the broadway
Look for my dimension
Farther farther only farther
And then discover that there is another poem
If you call the others to run away
To invent a new song
So we'll really be people
Only people
And do not be anymore
Like angels ... like angels ...
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Come un angelo

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