Kasat watan (قصة وطن) (Angol translation)


Kasat watan (قصة وطن)

دمعة دمعة … يبكي الوطن
و بلحظة غدر الوطن انهدم
طفل تيتم … أخ انغدر
وقلب الأنسان فينا انعدم
الوطن أمنا … و امنا قتلنا
وصار الوطن كومة فحم
اتفرقنا … المحبة نسينا
ولمة زمان صارت حلم
؟أخوة كنا... ايش صار فينا
واحد يقتل التاني
اتحجر قلبنا … عميو عينينا
و عشرة عمر ماتت في ثواني
أنا مو غني … أنا ابكي
ابكي قدر يتيم وطن خلاني
أه يا وطن … أيش احكيلك
أيش اقولك ع ولادك؟
هاد اتشرد … و هاد استشهد
دقنا مر و قهر من بعدك
اتشردنا... غرب صرنا
انحرمنا من ضمة ترابك
حنيتولك يا وطن
حنيتو لماضي انقتل
على بعضنا كنا أنحن
اليوم الغريب صار أحن
هاد الوطن … أخ يا ناس
مو بس كلمة بالحكي
ولا عنوان … لدين و مذهب
ولا غنية فيا ننتشي
الوطن يا ناس … أمنا الحنونة
ألي بحضنا كلتنا نحتمي
أحلامنا … وطموحاتنا
انهدت كلا ب غمضة عين
خسرنا شبابنا... و ايامنا
كبرنا بالسنة 10 سنين
خلصت فينا قصة … قصة وطن
وبعدا عرفنا وجع الحنين
حنيتولك يا وطن
حنيتو لماضي انقتل
على بعضنا كنا أنحن
اليوم الغريب صار أحن
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Angol translation

The Story of a Homeland

Tear after tear, our homeland cries
And in a moment of treachery, the homeland was torn down
Children became orphans.. Brothers suffered treachery
And humanity has perished in our hearts
Our homeland is our mother; and we've killed our mother
And the homeland became a pile of coal1
We got divided and forgot how to love
And getting together like back then became a dream
We used to be brothers.. What happened to us?
We're killing each other
Our hearts turned to stone, our eyes became blind
And a lifetime of companionship died in seconds
I am not singing, I am crying
I am crying [and my tears are] a fate in which my homeland made me an orphan
Oh dear homeland... what can I tell you?
What can I tell you about your sons?
Some became homeless.. some became martyrs
We have tasted bitterness and oppression since you were gone
We lost our homes and became strangers
We got deprived of the embrace of your land
Oh my homeland, I miss you
I miss a past that was murdered
We used to care for each other so much
But now even strangers care more than we do...
This is the homeland.. Oh dear people..
It is more than a word that we say
More than an address, a religion, a sect
And more than a song that makes us ecstatic
Oh dear people.. The homeland is our tender mother
In whose embrace we seek protection
Our dreams and ambitions
were all torn down in the blink of an eye
We lost our youth and our days
We grow ten years for every year that passes
The story ended leaving us stranded... the story of a homeland
And only then did we know the true pain of longing
Oh my homeland, I miss you
I miss a past that got murdered
We used to care for each other so much
But now even strangers care more than we do...
  • 1. The implication is that the homeland became a bunch of debris/has collapsed.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
Kűldve: Velsket Szombat, 19/05/2018 - 14:01
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Beate Liebold    Szombat, 19/05/2018 - 15:54

Could you tell us something about the background of this beautiful, but sad song?

Velsket    Vasárnap, 20/05/2018 - 08:49

Hey Beate, the story is about Syria and the collapse of the singer's homeland after the events of the past few years. But the more powerful part is that she is singing about the collapse of morals and unity between Syrians. So in my opinion, the song is not about a specific situation the singer went through or anything, it's however political commentary that is quite harsh on her own countrymen... Quite sad indeed..

Beate Liebold    Vasárnap, 20/05/2018 - 08:59

Oh, well. I thought, it was about Egypt. That's why I was curious. Yes, but it could be about everywhere in the world. The whole world is in a big crisis, and Syria is just where it came out. In my opinion, nobody should be to sure that the same thing could start in his or her country. I feel people are on the edge of something new, yet old. I like to see Egypt as a country of hope.

Velsket    Vasárnap, 20/05/2018 - 09:17

Well, Egypt would have been also a good guess a couple years ago considering the revolution and all. But to be honest, Egyptians wouldn't be inclined to criticize themselves so harshly as the singer does in this song. But yeah, Egypt is doing much better now compared to the situation in Syria so, I feel for them too.

Beate Liebold    Vasárnap, 20/05/2018 - 09:26

Thanks Vel, for giving me the insight. Maybe, one day I should go to Egypt and see it by myself. I like countries, where the people have a sense of humour. Wink smile Wish you a nice weekend. Besides, I have hopes for Syria, too. Arabic people are not made for keeping them down for a long time. Nice to have people like you who feels for them.

Velsket    Vasárnap, 20/05/2018 - 09:41

Thank you too, it's hard to find someone who truly empathizes like this Regular smile And yeah when it comes to sense of humor, Egyptians are really the most known for it in the Arab world... even in dark times.. We even have a saying '' There are burdens that make you cry but also laugh".. I think it's the way to go too. Have an excellent weekend Teeth smile Cheers.

Beate Liebold    Vasárnap, 20/05/2018 - 09:47

Thank you so much, I think, this is what the Youssra El Hawary songs are about. And believe me, you are in need of this kind of humour in Germany, as well. Tough times, but as in private life, maybe we will have jokes someday about them. Regular smile