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The Memory Of You

Sitting on the stone bridge
Spanning the stream
I look lonely
Running the time, running the water
Yesterday you closed your door for me
And your heart is twisted
And the love I have for you
I am forbidden to stay
Whether the day dies or dawns
Whether it's snowing or blowing the wind
Let the world live or die
I don't care
You ruined all my dreams
You put my heart on the cross
Not letting plant in me
That the memory of you
The memory of you
In the course of my troubles
I'm drifting headlong
Between love and hate
Love has taken over
You cut up my soul
Simply with words
Sharper than a blade
And torn my life
How to escape things?
My heart in my head lies
The scent leads to the rose
Whose thorn stings with blood
So i stay still
And my thought takes its course
I think I become an island
Petrified in my love
Sitting like a wise child
I watch the stream
If I had the courage
I would throw myself in the water
And from my sad passage
In the land of our joys
I would take with me
That the memory of you
The memory of you
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Le souvenir de toi

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