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[Megurine Luki]
When we first met
It felt like i'm in love
It's because i fell for u
When u always say hello, I always bow for u
I always wanted u to be mine
If it's true or it's too late
To love u, my angel
I wanted us to be together, My Love
I really wanted us to be together Till the end
Don't be shy, just dance with me in the moonlight,
My Princess
Is it u or is it me, who is in love
I always tried to hide from u
Because i won't be caught
I wish this nightmare was over
Just because I wish u were mine
I always pleased u to be with me
But u always say No....
I tried to give u a drink,
That makes u fall in love with me
Because you're finally mine
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Kűldve: Megurine LukaMegurine Luka Szerda, 22/09/2021 - 20:43
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Submitter's comments:

It's a cantarella version but in my songwriting
Hope everyone likes it!

But it's not finish yet....


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