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We're cold ... Raise your hand for Sullyvan ...
Raise your hand for Sullyvan ...
Raise your hand for Sullyvan, I'm the nightmare in a jerrycan
I dedicate my asshole, in the evening, fleet like steadicam
True in all points, right hand on my periphrases
No need to be unfaithful, my snuff movies are imperishable
In perpetual shift, I make phases without pity
I sequestered my neighbors who train to do Gansta Rap
Impossible to understand, I take naps when you shut up
Buddy, we're the same, I know you like me and when I manage, you're disappointed
It's Skellington, a new shoter of sixteen-bar
Mister Jack at the mic, alias "the fucker of pale ass"
Slacker uncontested, like a wanker that we don't test
I have worries, trips and cartons that intercalate
Pale green, I'm laminated, laminar and almost bedridden
I'm tired of agitating between panic and taxation
Marked by all these hours sunk into my sofa
Harassed, I'm fascinating, fashioned way snatched
It saddens me but I fuck you all, except the vaginas
I'm rebellious but I don't give a fuck, make your life but don't take my money
Let's say it, it solves a lot of things to finish in blood
I don't want to laugh anymore, Lisa Ann is in gang bang ...
Advice in wind, purity drowned in hemp
Clubbing heads and maybe I'll get pussies in the song
I'm red and dead, #Redemption, indefinite effect mode
To frighten me, turn on before the log is finished
That done, peoples go flew to better recover
It finds charm to the misery; lamenting and it makes not dream anymore
That's my flows under seal; It's hard, sweetened rap
Like fucking tight asses, huh, TWTD
I eat Old El Paso in front of the saga "Saw
And Hellraiser "corresponding to three weeks like thalasso
I have no network and it doesn't matter to me cause I have no friends
I cursed you all night but will smile when we gonna kiss
Yeah, I'm not saying what I think but I everytime think what I say
All these fast phases, the traces of strings during the ski classes
The phases I kick are my stability, random, I avoid and it's classic
Tomorrow, it's far in front of five weed seal
Assassin of rap, I also do the voodoo rituals
I pierce the eyes of bourgeois dolls who begin to play the Zulus
Ghosts begin to unfold, singing to me that time spend and
I will soon disappear if I keep my keyboard locked
Fuck, I don't feel good, I'll get back to Hostel
I lose friends who, like your chastity, are not big losses
Guys, we should do something, my mother yell at me in gospel
Rappers got gay poses, Michael Myers on my posters
Han! Synchronized brecciated phases
The fusion of proletarian metropolized with drunk Freezer
I proliferate the same freburger that the vices are only watching
Palestine, it's boring, fags getting a new look is better
I will take SMECTA
I'm so fucking tired of these shitty peoples flexing
The mind twisted, I still try to play the stable guy
I know that it tears their hair while listening to my freestyles
Kűldve: Jethro Paris Szerda, 11/01/2017 - 21:54
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CQFD = Ce Qu'il Fallait Démontrer
Ce Qu'il Fallait Démontrer = This was to be demonstrated
This Was To be Demonstrated = TWTD



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