Da-ma mama dupa Ghiuri (Angol translation)


Da-ma mama dupa Ghiuri

Da-ma mama dupa Gury, dupa Gury, dupa Gury
Ca m-asteapta-n podul surii, in podul surii, in podul surii,
Sa ne iubim pe-nserat
Cand miroase-a grau uscat,
Cand miroase-a grau uscat,
Si daca tu nu m-ai da
O veni si m-o fura,
O veni si m-o fura.
Hai mandruto se-mi dai gure
Che-ti fac case sus in sure
Che e vreme de iubit
Me cert cu tot neamul tau
Che imi spune derbedeu
Dache nu vii tu acase
Vine Gury, nu te lase
Dache nu vi tu in sure
Vine Gury si te fura!
Hai la Gury sus in sura
Che-ti dau haina de velura
C-am cheruta si doi boi
Si ne d____ p-amandoi
Si sa-i spui lui maiche-ta
Che tu e femeia mea
Si de nu vii tu acase,
Vine Gury nu te lase
Dache nu vii tu in sura
Scot cutitul din centura.
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Let me mother marry Gyury

Let me mother marry Gyury, Gyury
'Coz he's waiting for me in the barn's loft, in the barn's loft
To cuddle in the evening
When it smells of dry wheat,
When it smells of dry wheat,
And if you won't let me
He'll come and kidnap me,
He'll come and kidnap me.
Come my beautiful kiss me mouth*)
An i make ye house in loft
For is time for us to love
I fiht with your clan all
'Cos dey call me vagabon'
If you come not to me hose
Gyury come, he not leave ye
If you come not to me hose
Gyury come, an still ye
Come to Gyury Up the barn
I ye give velvet dress
'Cuz i have a cart wid too oxes
And we ------ us two
An ye say to mother yours
That ye are me women
An if ye not come hose
Gyury come, he not leave you
If you not come to barn
I take knive of me belt.
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While reading in English or French, I find myself translating in my head in Romanian. Great exercise, I reccomend it.

Kűldve: sanducusanducu Szombat, 24/07/2021 - 13:42
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*) Beginning with this stanza it's Gyury's monologue. Gyury is a Hungarian name, and he is a Hungarian man living in some part of Transylvania, a big region of Romania, where a large Hungarian community lives along Romanians. Many of the Hungarians speak a less then correct Romanian, and with a heavy accent too, and of course, the Romanians have a blast out of it.
I tried to find some pidgeon English which could give an idea of the humorous side of the song.

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