Hermética - Del camionero (Angol translation)

Angol translation

About the truck driver

Driving my truck
I'm seeing the sun rising.
Breathing the dawn,
I try to defeat the distances.
The insomnia of a moonless night,
is dying.
And the day is born showing the route
that I'll get around.
My heart feeds,
of the constant roar of the engine,
making efforts for rolling
eighteen wheels without moaning.
In the hours of the rural sacrifice,
they're seeing us,
as an unreachable dream, getting lost...
Getting lost
in the constant taking and bringing
heavy loads earning the sustenance.
Driving a truck
I go to the max living this dream
To which I gave my life,
like my father did before.
My happiness is in it, I don't need anything more
that's why I sing what I feel, in a truck.
It's noon in the route
I'm trying to defeat the distances.
I think of the many who know
to keep my song
Only of feeling happy in the truck
living the dream where I am.
Making a stop in the afternoon
under some trees, dudes of time.
With my truck
the open field see us rest.
I got tangled in the verges
and only my truck knows it,
the routes and their loneliness
will keep my song
Just to see me happy
in a truck living a dream.
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