In diesem Moment (Angol translation)

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At This Moment

At this moment
The sun is rising somewhere
A fate is taking its course
A star is going out somewhere
Happiness seems indefinitely far away
Twins are being born
And lies of love are being sworn
Hopes are being destroyed
And a prayer is being answered
And somewhere summer is coming right now
And somwhere else autumn is
And people are firmly believing
That their youth will return
And as one in a million
I stand here and look up
Wonder where you are right now
And what it might be like there
And as one in a million
Who hangs onto memories
I feel that you are here right now
At this moment
At this moment
Eyes shut themselves forever
A little ray of hope is shining
A bestowed heart becomes a burden
And money is being made through pity
A human being is being drilled to fight
And a dictator mellows with age
The big chance is being missed
And there's laughter by the deathbed
And beyond the light a tunnel is waiting
And at the end of the tunnel light is
But that there is a plan behind it
I can't tell
Questions about the greater sense
Which traverses the world
Ship themselves into space
And resonate in every song
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I am quite insecure about this translation for some reason and would greatly appreciate some feedback!

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In diesem Moment

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