On the down low

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Idiomatic translations of "On the down low"

on the sly
(Faire quelque chose) en douce
тихой сапой
Под шумок
Под сурдинку

Meanings of "On the down low"


Also down-low.
It refers to any activity or relationship kept discreet, covert. Keeping an act, action, sexual relations or some other piece of information a secret. Slang.

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"On the down low" in lyrics

Melanie Martinez - The Principal

Sneaky, greedy, money seeking
Always peeping, fucking creeping
Got it on the down low
So you think you always squeaky

Ava Max - Anyone But You

[Verse 1]
You were the one I started falling
You got me down on the down low
Waiting for something

The Weeknd - Down Low

Keep it on the down low
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah

Sauti Sol - Girl Next Door

(Mad over, mad over you)

On the down low
I've been loving Eminado

Martina Stoessel - Handwritten

Just a paper and a pen
Tape it to my window
Keep it on the down low
So I can find it in the end

The Weeknd - Twenty Eight

Girl you could've been the one
Now gotta change my number twice a month
When you could have simply kept me on the down low

Salt-N-Pepa - Whatta Man

I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect due
To the man that's made a difference in my world
And although most men are ho's he flows on the down low
Cuz I never heard about him with another girl

James Barker Band - Keep It Simple

We go big and stay home
You and me just no show
Keep it on the down low

Vild $mith - It Didn't Happen

Normally I don't roll with a married woman
And if anyone should ask you're not even my friend
I get it, we should keep it on the down low
But if I was a wise man now I would tell you to go

Royal Blood - Don't Tell

Hiding everywhere
Trying to forget
Keeping it on the down-low

Myah - Foreign

They've always been my best of friends
Out of this world like aliens, dictator, I created them
Keep my secret on the down low, 'cause
Leak that shit it's me to your door

Ed Sheeran - Grade 8

I'm never gonna let you down,
Oh I'll never let you down,
We'll keep it on the down low
And I'll keep you around so I'll know,

OTANA - Flow

I'm faced within the thoughts of loving you1
I'm tripping on the things we're gonna do
We can keep it all on the down-low
Come, baby, let love flow

  • 1. This is what I hear, but it's not grammatically correct. Either the line is wrong or maybe she meant to say "with" instead of "within" - that would be correct.

Client Liaison - A Foreign Affair

As we kiss on the beach of Sorrento
Checking into the hotel
Mini bar on the down-low
Sign it off to the business

Florida Georgia Line - Get Your Shine On

Ray Bans, got the whole world shaded.
Chrome piece tucked in the console.
Riding high, roll up on the down low.

Austin Kolbe - Vice

Can't hurt if you don't know
So I keep my feels on the down low
Play tonight in slow-mo

Die Crazy Girls - Crotch Rocket

My father said: "What's this all about?
Don't you get involved with that boy!
And even though it was on the down low
He rode so wonderfully

RuPaul - I Made It/ Mirror Song/ Losing is the New Winning (Las Vegas Live Medley)

[Chorus 1: Sherry Pie and Jackie Cox]
I learned never to let it show
Keep it on the down-low
Just the mirror, Just the mirror

Jane XØ - Dreams

I got you to myself
I’m keeping it on the down low
My lips will never tell

Waterparks - Royal

Cause I'm living my dreams
But I live at home
Cause everything is on the down low for now