Drop dead

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Drop dead (Angol) — Umrijeti neočekivano, slučajno.

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Drop dead — die suddenly and unexpectedly.

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Translations of "Drop dead"

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"Drop dead" in lyrics

I been through the ringer, but they could do little to the middle finger
I think I got a tear in my eye, I feel like the king of
my world, haters can make like bees with no stingers
and drop dead, no more beef flingers
No more drama from now on, I promise
to focus solely on handling my responsibilities as a father

Eminem - Not Afraid


Step on the stage, why don't you all drop dead!
Walk the streets, why don't you all get judged!
Go under the knife, why don't you all get rearranged!

Stromae - WDY

Now you wonder why he does it
How he does it?
Wasn’t cause he had buzzards circle around his head
Waiting for him to drop dead, was it?
Or was it, 'cause them bitches wrote him off
Little hussy ass, cause fuck it

Bad Meets Evil - Lighters

I'm forever idling – I need you

I need your poison in me even if I
drop dead from it
I can't get away from you – but I need you
In reality, you're nothing more than lost time

Eisbrecher - Alchohol

Can you read my mind?

The teenage queen, the loaded gun;
The drop dead dream, the Chosen One
A southern drawl, a world unseen;
A city wall and a trampoline

The Killers - Read My Mind

when you stand in front of God
may peace reign in your soul
Answer the prayers, angel
may the fiends drop dead, so help me God,
so be an angel of revenge
let them feel on their own skin

Riblja Čorba - Look At Your Home, Angel

Take it slow baby, we in no rush
Hennessy or Don Q, that's a very hard choice
For the diamonds on my pinky, need a gang of cool points
And the drop head make 'em drop dead, yeah
Ye ain't scared, ye ain't scared, ye ain't scared, yeah
Believe me, I'm out here, you see me, in action

Rae Sremmurd - Come Get Her

I don’t miss your dirty clothes on the floor
No one leaves the lights on anymore
The towels are hanging just where they should
It’s drop dead quiet in my neighborhood

I’m not that fragile, I’m not gonna break

Molly Sandén - Why Am I Crying

I'm not moving
The parking lot is still empty
So I'm getting a round, emptying the bottle
'Cause I want to drop dead at this parking lot

My mind is a mess

Shaka Loveless - Idling

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch

I don't get 'cute', I get drop dead gorgeous

Alyssa Edwards - Drop Dead Gorgeous (B. Ames Mix)

And I lose consciousness
when I hear how you say:
“may the never be true”
Oh, drop dead!

Love of Lesbian - 1999

Drop dead hideous
How low is this brutal love?
Drop out
Drop dead hideous
How low is this brutal love?
This brutal love

Green Day - Brutal Love

as white as a jasmine.
I'm courting a woman
gypsy the same as me
drop dead beautiful
dark in skin and (hair) colour.
I appreciate the flavour

Manolo Escobar - The Spain of Gypsies

Because someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got
Someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got
Why you wanna please the world and leave yourself to drop dead?
Someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got

Paramore - Anklebiters

A dead jellyfish is about your level
With your face you would be a star in any monster show
Go to Hell! Drop dead!
Do you not understand me then? The world could be so beautiful, without you

Die Ärzte - Ohne Dich

{chorus x2}

I'm from the place where, like everywhere, people sleep and dream
I'm from the place where people are born, people love and die like dogs[fn]"crever" is basically used for animals or in various derogatory expressions (va crever -> drop dead, etc). I never could find a proper equivalent in English[/fn]
See, the place I'm from is just like any place on Earth
It's just a hell of a place with quite a personality

Grand Corps Malade - That's where I'm from

I will not take this anymore!
This is where it ends,
I put a bullet in my head,
And yes, drop dead.
This is where it ends,
This is where I will draw the line.

Sentenced - Excuse Me While I Kill Myself

(Drop dead)
(Drop dead)
You’re some kind of fine

Britney Spears - (Drop Dead) Beautiful

will be lighted by the lamp of your heart, a best friend you can be proud of, whose existence you just became aware of

I took good care of that bag that contained all the love and peace of mind I received
But that was snatched away from me too, and as I was nearly going to drop dead, a voice called out to me
"Hello, Hello, I know you can hear me. I was always inside of you
It's alright, It's alright, I'll always be with you, I'm the lamp of enthusiasm living with you"

Bump of Chicken - Lamp

We must cut it

Near you, I'm lonely
Because you are drop-dead gorgeous
We let ourselves fall in love
I want to let tonight pass by with you

OOMPH! - As If it Were the Last Time

I sleep, I eat, I drink and I smoke
People say I am obese
I sit in my bed in front of the TV
I watch South American soap operas until I drop dead.

I love her, she loves me

Ștefan Bănică jr. - Bubulina the housewife

Drop dead!
You're not as handsome as the one I want who doesn't want me anymore
You're not as handsome as the one I want who doesn't want me
Drop dead!
You're not as handsome as the one I want who doesn't want me anymore
Stop staring, hey, staring hey, at my ass

Fleur Masson - Drop Dead

Run into a new maze
Open up your minds
and soon we'll all
Be drop dead cynical

Amaranthe - Drop Dead Cynical

Can't find a good reason
Can't find hope to believe in

Drop dead
A bullet to my head
Your words are like a gun in hand

Sum 41 - Still Waiting

We arrange to go out for a drink at a bar
Shes already there when I arrive and she looks the part
Even more stunning than I remember, fuck it, drop dead gorgeous
Her ass is tight and her breasts are bloody enormous

Plan B (UK) - Charmaine

He wears a mask just to cover the raw flesh
A rather ugly brother with flows that's gorgeous
Drop dead joints hit the whips like bird shit
They need it like a hole in they head or a third tit
Her bra smell, his card say: aw hell

MF Doom - Beef rap

I almost fell down, swear on my ghost,
But the beatiful Emina didn't approach me.
She only looked at me once harshly,
Neither does she care, sordid, for that I had drop dead* for her!

The odl poet died, Emina died

Bosnian Folk - Emina

Weren’t we alright?
Just remember few years ago how much we’ve helped you.”
Just f**k off you poisons
Drop dead in jealousy
Down on your knees because gods are coming
To bury you like priests

Beogradski Sindikat - The return

Watched you waste away.
Who'd you think you'd fool, baby, digging your own grave?

So go ahead, just drop dead,
And while you're trying to fool the whole world don't forget that you'll decay and you'll waste away.
You can't cheat death when you're digging your own grave.

PVRIS - Fire

I should’ve cleaned the skeletons from my closet
Drivin’ to my apocalypse with 400 horses

Drop dead gorgeous – unfair advantage
You deserve an Emmy award for all your antics
Caught up in a battle of curse word semantics

Ryan Leslie - Joan of Arc

Cause I’m so lazy that it hurts.

There’s a blonde girl next door,
She’s a drop dead gorgeous,
She keeps inviting me to her place
For a cup of coffee,

Trupa Desperado - Laziness

United not divided won't get cast away
They say go run and hide
But I just gotta say
We're drop dead gorgeous each and every day

The clock is striking 13

Madison Beer - We Are Monster High

You can take a knife and slit his throat
And he won't drop dead
Won't drop dead, won't drop dead
He won't drop dead
Been a ju-ju boy for a thousand years
And he ain't cut yet

10cc - Baron Samedi

Jealous snake (meant : women) give me some dreams
he wasn't with someone else, I'm still his
his was with his friends thats the truth
jealous snake drop dead (letterly translated)

I'm asking the stars

Ilda Šaulić - Jealousy

Is the moon really there when no one looks up at the sky at night?
Did I really kill the child?
Philosophical questions
Only my drop dead gorgeous car
Bears the trace
Oh the guy on the hood is just sleeping

Alligatoah - Hit and Run

I tatooed my eyelids from the inside
And now you'll be the last thing I see when I drop dead
I lay on my bed and wait for the breaking of the
Bond that ties us, but I see you everywhere

Dječaci - For Baby

You keep on trying
Losers lose yeah

She's drop dead hot amazing
A little crazy
Brother now she's mine

Eric Saade - Sting

I burst through the defenses
We arrive at the top... Let's go on down! Run!
Let's go! Jump!
Keep searching! That's your job and later, drop dead ...
Let others soothe their thirst
And get out if you can from the circle

Mala Rodríguez - Slaves

I practice my lines in the mirror
Then you smile, that's my killer
So I say "love you" and "baby, I need you"
Cause you're drop dead gorgeous
And Cupid ain't coming to warn us

Little Mix - F.U.

The Night of the loving dead

Dressing sharp, au naturel
Looking drop dead gorgeous
Sins of the rotten flesh for you to hold

Lordi - The Night of the Loving Dead

and your head split open and trickle down your hood.
I would love you to show on your own newsreel[fn]<a href=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Pierre_Pernaut>Jean Pierre Pernaut</a> is the main newsreader of the conservative TF1 French channel, famous (among many others) for brown-nosing influential people.
TF1 is the symbol of French trash TV, with insignificant and heavily right-oriented newsreels.
"Go and watch TF1" is a common saying among left-ish people to mean "drop dead, you moron".[/fn]
at 1 PM between two reports for old crones.

Sexy Sushi - Die, Die, Jean-Pierre Pernaut

If I renounce you, I'll kiss a cross
And take a serious oath
If I renounce you, my love
May I drop dead. (x2)

Eleftheria Arvanitaki - If I Renounce You, My Love

Find out where you stay, and act like we found some oil, nigga
Out of duct tape so when he prayin', I ignore the nigga
All I gotta say is sayonara, nigga
Drop dead gorgeous but the bitch ain't dyin' for a nigga
Where the real queens at? Shout out Capone and Noreaga
We can shoot it out and see who live to tell the story later

Lil Wayne - Believe Me

Its Arite [x7]

[Verse 2:]
She's Drop Dead Intelliqent
Her Fraqrance Is That Stripper Scent
Browses Poppinq To Bonqo

Will.I.Am - Get Your Money

Let the bass kick

Hey girl, just look at you
So beautiful and drop dead hot
Tell me, what's the thing?
What you do with a guy like him?

Austin Mahone - Next To You

What's there, in a yet-unseen tomorrow? What's there? I don't know
Should I wait or move on? Should I walk on with a grin?
But I don't wanna drop dead yet!! To go and be disgraced!! Ahhh!!!
The dying passion asks me, "Is this how it should be?"
The light of lost hope shouts at me, "Come over here."

Going Steady - The Fool March

Demons cry but I can't hear them.
They don't crack through the shield.
And gunshots fly like spears of poison.
But they drop dead in the fields.

And they can try, they can try.

Måns Zelmerlöw - Kingdom In The Sky

We don't know the direction.
We afford a life
which is to die for*..
Wretched, "drop-dead"- sad**,
fatally ridiculous.
Where to?

Jupiter Jones - One hundred thousand awake guys

With these cherry hot slugs that'll barbecue your ribs
I'm preparin deathbeds, quick to bust lead
While I'm starin at the feds, tearin off they legs
Once you drop dead they'll be swearin it's a plague
I'm sicker than a coke rastafarian with dreads
You get shanked if you move, ditched with no clues

D12 - Instigator

You’re replaced now
Was nice to know you
Now your time is up so
Just drop dead

Sum 41 - King of Contradiction

Leave it all behind!

Colors in your head
Blinded heart and hopes drop dead
Memories covered by flowers in the grace under your bed

Krampus - Butterflies On Fire

When the rain leaks through the roof on the floor
When your seven children all have rubella
And there's no food in the fridge
And the mice all drop dead in the conservatory
When your Austin hits a lamp post
When your cat pukes on the doormat on the landing

Conny Stuart - Don't nag

Hear your legs, are in your rain

I was your intention
Or a drop dead, wish you
Got me, on the river
That's where lunch is, lunch is paid

Nirvana - Anorexorcist

Talks like a stroke in slow motion
Feeling fine, not a day over dead
Drop-dead-ugly, fucked up abortion
Shits while eats, same inside head

Poisonblack - Home Is Where The Sty Is

Now you look like you feel on the inside.
You wanna do something with your life?
Drop dead... HELLO!
Drop dead... GOODBYE!

Hollywood knows you'll never make it.

Jeffree Star - God Hates Your Outfit

A sinister kid is a kid who
Runs to meet his Maker
A drop dead sprint from the day he's born
Straight into his Maker's arms
And that's me, that's me

The Black Keys - Sinister Kid

Jealousy, you snake give me a little time to dream.
He wasn't with another, I am his.
He was out drinking with his friends, that's the truth.
Jealousy, you snake I hope to God you drop dead.

Ilda Šaulić - Jealousy

Sand fills the vast plains of Serkland
It's vultures jeering at me

But they can circle until they drop dead
I have not come this far
To end, but to pursue my own thread

Turisas - The march of the varangian guard

We are so glorious
Why not leave your job and come on tour with us?
Before I drop dead and die

Good evening, lovers of quality entertainment

Robbie Williams - The Heavy Entertainment Show

It's where all the love verses are born
Don't come up here, I'll go down there
Don't pray to this rosary
You'd better drop dead!
Don't click this flash
Take your handkerchief

Zélia Duncan - Access Code

And we are about to take it live to Washington

Make that money, try to stay ahead
Make that money till ya drop dead
Make that money, now you're on your own
Now that bank won't give you a loan

Cameo - Fast, Fierce & Funny

Get all the sighs and the moans just right

I'm sleeping on your folk's porch again, dreaming
She said, she said, she said, "Why don't you just drop dead?"

I don't blame you for being you

Fall Out Boy - A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"

C'mon give it up
I debone these rappers
I wax as many records as I can
If I drop dead or something happens, I'm all good
Like after the ringing "Bro I'm ready"[fn]In italian, "pronto" means both "ready" and "hello?"[/fn]
He moves his finger, Genny is not dead[fn]Reference to the italian TV series "Gomorra"[/fn]

Ghali - Dende

And I love it how she's honest
You don't find it nowadays
She's not even drop dead gorgeous
But she kills me anyway

Shawn Mendes - Like This

Drop dead legs, pretty smile,
Hurts my head, gets me wild.
Dig that steam, giant butt,

Van Halen - Drop Dead Legs

Here in Halloween.
Pranking everyone who deserves it,
And then, they drop dead with shock.

Halloween! Here, it's only about screamin'.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - Here In Halloween [This Is Halloween]

Played out insatiable
Can't control the urge
Drop dead suicidal
A pain that I posses

Slayer - Psychopathy Red

or drinks one drop of water too much,
will be locked up for 155 years!
If i, aguirre, want the birds to drop dead from the trees,
the birds will drop dead from the trees.
i am the wrath of god!
the earth I walk upon sees me and quakes!

Werner Herzog - Aguirre, the Wrath of God

I hear her whistle, that's how I know she's home
Lipstick, eyelash, broke mirror, broken home

Force fed, forced meds 'til I drop dead
You can’t defeat her, when you meet her you’ll get what I said
The Lord knows there's a method to her madness

Jack White - Sixteen Saltines

With my wife I would dance to the music of her people,
To the Guugu Huiini'<fn>a Mexican son, translates to 'little turtledove'.</fn> I'd dance with my mother,
Until exhaustion, until I'm tired
There where I would drop dead, that's how I imagine it.

The sun has set, the music can still be heard,

César López Orozco - Wedding Celebration

He doesn't listen 2 a word I say
And he's always tryin' 2 walk me home from school

I'd like 2 tell'em that I wish he was dead (Drop dead)
But he could never get it through his head
He'll never change, he'll always be a fool

Vanity 6 - He's So Dull

I have a drop dead gorgeous godmother
Together we drink like swines[fn]Couldn't find anything that could match the Russian coarseness here[/fn] every day
She has loads of booze at home.
When I get bored, I go to my godmother.

What kind of godmother never did it[fn]lit. "never was under the godfather". That's a bit crude, but the popular belief is that you cannot be a proper godmother if you never knew what love is :)[/fn] with the godfather?

Sektor Gaza - Godmother

Cause yes

My life would be so much better if you'd just drop dead
I was laying in bed last night thinking and this thought just popped in my head
And I thought, wouldn't shit just be a lot easier if you dropped dead

Eminem - So Much Better

This is Halloween
We play tricks on everyone who deserves it
And then they drop dead with shock

Halloween! We scream all the time

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - This is Halloween

Speaking of, I wonder when it started raining like this.

I hated talking about my future. Was never a fan of making promises either.
I finally got a phone call after so long, a call from Satoshi who was drop dead drunk.
Speaking in that familiar accent from his hometown, he told me about all the hard times that found him.
And after the stupid chit chat was over, I promised him that we’d go out drinking.

amazarashi - A Man and His Rain Cloud

Oh-oh-oh-oh, ch-ch-ch-check you out
You’re used to always getting what you want
Drop dead beautiful, knows how to knock them down
Oh girl, oh girl, check you out

Darin - Check You Out

You think you're so drop dead gorgeous
With your dirty blond goatee,
The cowboy boots and tassels?
With your friends around
You act with me like Pancho Villa
And you tease that my French accent is a "killer"...

Mireille Mathieu - See You Baby, Sorry...

And I love it how she’s honest
You don’t find that nowadays
She’s not even drop dead gorgeous
But she kills me anyway

Shawn Mendes - Like thus

Multiplayer's overrated when all your servers do is cause a hold-up!
Don't got no friends with me,
My friends are NPCs!
I can't wait for Minecraft to drop dead,
After all, you and your friends are blockheads!

VideoGameRapBattles - Minecraft Vs Terraria

I fall for you alone

I stop to stop when I drop dead
I stop to stop when I drop dead
Yeah, I fall for
I fall for you alone

Rasmus Walter - Running

The boys come out
That's where we like to play
"Wanna tag along?" I said "No way."
One drop dead high
A price you're gonna pay

Kings of Leon - Around the world


you fucking prick
drop dead
you make me sick!
I'm here to forget!

Caliban - Paralyzed

To the carnival is what she said
A hundred dollars makes it dark inside

Edna Million in a drop dead suit
Dutch Pink on a downtown train
Two dollar pistol but the gun won't shoot

Joe Bonamassa - Jockey Full of Bourbon

This is our world and these are our times
This is our world and these are our times

Little brother like a street god with a drop dead attitude
Say he's looking like a shadow now, runnin' low on green and food
Some lives are wound up tight like a wave about to crash

Alannah Myles - Our World Our Times

She's all around, she's not like the rest
She's all around, she's like the kiss of death
She's all around, one step ahead
She's all around, until you drop dead
She's all around, of every mistake you make
She's all around, of every breath you will take

Agonoize - Psychopath

The roadside's ditch, the vending machine's side, the laughing throat, your feet

Dreams, hope, and grudges too
"I want to meet you" too "Drop dead!" too
In this stuffed fire-bomb
Serves just right this world in this empty hole

amazarashi - Empty Hole

Oh no, you're introducing her to me
I already know who she is
And yeah, she's drop-dead gorgeous

Please excuse me if I'm not

Ilinca Băcilă - Friends

Are you in it for the money?

Fight for everything you hold dear
die, drop dead, flatline if that's what it takes
The list is so long, just get started,
nothing will happen, right?

Folkeklubben - For the Money

nor boasting of base men, as if there weren't records of their actions.

Lord God, who are refuge and king of the world,
why didn't the first cunt-warden drop dead?
Because there never was service, or watch, worse than that.

Guillaume de Poitiers - Comrades, I have had so many bad receptions

You look like -playing the moralist-
a clown... without a carnival...

Just drop dead! Don't tease with your conscience!
You're a bore that doesn't make smile.
Gimme puchero [fn]Typical stew[/fn], keep your decency...

Tita Merello - Whatcha gonna do

Dark eyes, white hair and sharp nails
How I wish I could be drop dead again
Those legs, rat's tail and a serpent's tongue
Should do the trick for my next spell

Ghost Town - Hocus Pocus

When the angels have stolen my red shoes?

Oh, I said, "I'm so happy I could die"
She said, "Drop dead," then left with another guy
That's what you get if you go chasing after vengeance
Ever since you got me punctured, this has been my sentence

Elvis Costello - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

I am the same age as you...

She wants that I drop dead. Or that my ulcer burst.
That I see just a darkness. I´m bothering her cuz I´m alive.
Why do you hate me so, beldam, what did I do to you?

Marchelo - Beldam

There where pennyroyal and wild mint sprout up
and Earth grew its first cyclamen
now villagers bargain cement
and birds drop dead in the blast furnace.

Sleep Persephone

Nena Venetsanou - The Nightmare of Persephone

There's a certain kind of darkness that does a reaping
It usually takes you right before you are sleeping
Is it the crack in the door that it finds a way to creep in?
Or the crack in your brain that wants you to drop dead

I don't remember what it's like to see with clear vision

Faith Marie - Little Girl

And your lipstick promises

Every single word you said
Every drop dead shade of red
Were just lipstick promises

George Ducas - Lipstick Promises

Inside Pandora's box, looking for answers
I rarely find what I'm searching for, often what I have
My companion doesn't say a thing when she calmly takes me in her hand
Through war and peace, love and death, until I finally drop dead

Sylvester Larsen - Pandora's Box

Horse and traveler, don't you have it rough?
Try to not drop dead on the way!
Overcoming off-road land isn't that hard,
But how to overcome the road?

Oleg Anofriev - The Road Song

She thought me this lovely language,

In which then I will sweetly talk endearly,
While I might drop dead behind a fence.

Only you I love, dear nation,

Antun Gustav Matos - Lady Mary

(K) Did he ever said sorry to you?
(L) For not putting away his underpants
(K) And did he say you were drop dead gorgeous?
(L) Does it count if it was the alcohol speaking?
(K) Did he introduce you to his parents?

Leïla Huissoud - We've known each other for so long

will keep your path lit.
The animal, that is man's hunger -
at the fling of your leg,
will drop dead at your feet, and
together, with smashed undertaker, will earnestly beg.
Your ambrosia all of us enjoyed,

Kazi Nazrul Islam - Woman

saying: "Father, I have been hungry
for the last seven days!"
The mollah reacts: "What a botheration!
You're starving?--Just go and drop dead
in some cattle graveyard!
Besides--do you say your prayers?"

Kazi Nazrul Islam - Human Being

We are the lazy generation
They call us social mutations, why?
You can just drop dead and die

Nothing we do ever seems to matter

The F-Ups - Lazy Generation

I'm coming, I'm coming,
still I would have liked so much
fill onece more with stars
a body that trembles, and drop dead,
consumed by love, my heart in ashes.
I'm coming, I'm coming,

Juliette Gréco - I'm coming

And just rest my little head

[Ivan the Terrible]
Why don't you drop dead, Fred?
Hmm, my expectations were a lot higher
But at least I saved the rubles on the garrote wire

Epic Rap Battles of History - Alexander the Great VS Ivan the Terrible

Bored to death,
Without you, without you I am bored.
I'm lying on my bed and I'm staring at the ceiling
And I'm wishing you'd drop dead:
You'd let me sit here, just like that;
But maybe, maybe you'll come soon.

Die Ärzte - Bored

Blackout, heatwave, .44 caliber homicide
The buns drop dead and dogs go mad
In packs on the West Side
Young girl standing on a ledge looks like another suicide

Billy Joel - Close to the Borderline

"It isn't good to get so old",so say all who've done so.
The hot blood starts to run quite cold,
birds become more lonesome.
Nimble birds grow old and drop dead in the forest.

When old age comes, old's what you get

Chava Alberstein - Old Age

Drop dead
Drop dead

[Verse 1]

Ded - Anti-Everything

my lovers heart is being loved
but we cannot without losing it
this type of love, can drop dead
It poisons boys and girls

Meda - my sweet love

When the rain drips down from the roof onto the ground
And your seven children suffer from scarlet fever
When there's not a bit of food in the fridge
And the mice drop dead in the lounge
When your Austin hits a pole
When the cat throws up once again on the front door mat

Conny Stuart - Stop whining

'Cause in your heart it's loud

Oh no, my feelings are more important than yours
Oh, drop dead, I don't care, I won't worry, hey

Sweetheart, your feelings are more important of course, of course

The Strokes - Razorblade